Smart meter issues and can't get through to Bulb to resolve

We had new smart meters fitted about 6 weeks ago - and problems it seems since. Although I see data on the IHD, which appears to be correct since it settled down, and see ‘usage’ graphs, meter readings have stopped appearing on the Bulb app or online (last ones showed on 13th March) and we’ve stopped receiving invoices.

SMETS2 meters, 4470 from L&G

If I try to read the E7 electric meter I can only see R01, not R02 on the screens when I press button A (round and round the screens). To be fair I can see the total act import figure as well as R01 - am I supposed to deduct one from the other to calculate the night rate?

I can’t get through to Bulb - no response to emails, no chat working on the app and can’t get through on phone! We switch soon and need, unbelievably given we’re on ‘Smart’ Meters, to provide manual meter readings (which it seems I can’t get properly) to new supplier in next couple of days.

Any advice please…


I think we had the same/similar meter fitted though mine says E470 and not 4470. On ours we can press and hold the B button for about 2 seconds and then press the A button and that will then show the R02. It will revert back to the R01 after a short while.

WRT the lack of response, I and many others feel your pain. Good luck with your new provider.

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The whole smart meter “system” is a fiasco for so many reasons.

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Ours is an E470 with two ‘large’ buttons, one green one grey (4470 must be a typo) I have already tried pressing button B for 2 secs and then A but no joy (I even followed a Youtube video of a guy showing this, with same type of meter, but on another supplier). I worked in IT. telecoms. broadband and radio testing, and I’m by no means stupid to read a meter.

I’ve just got through to Bulb but it was a shambles - having been on hold for ages the girl kept asking me to hold on, moaned that her system was going slow, asked for my postcode 5 times, loads of loud beeps in my ear and her shouting hello all the time - clearly she couldn’t hear me (due to her phone system not working) - she said something about ringing me back as she would have to reboot her system… Then she hung up on me. No call back so far. Seems Bulb are a load of Muppets!

I’ve just been reading another thread where people having been waiting a lot longer to get this resolved.

Funnily enough I’m an electrical engineer and understand the rest of the parameters such as the power factor, voltage and current shown by the meter, if I can only get it to show me R02!

I regret getting smart meters installed as it’s just caused hassle and messed up the billing. What a joke! My daughter nearly signed up with Bulb for their new flat - thank goodness she didn’t - their new supplier were easy to get through to and resolved a matter straight away.

That’s very strange then. We do have exactly the same meter. Obviously I can’t help further though I can confirm that I also experienced quite a difficult time getting proper invoices through after the smart meter installation so, again, you’re not alone in that. All I can suggest is raising holy on here by repeatedly bumping this thread until someone from Bulb replies.

Good luck.

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Thanks for the responses guys, much appreciated.

Well, success in one sense - I’ve just managed to get the electric meter to show R02 - I had tried several times previously without joy but do now have a reading. I was able to calculate it by deducting the R01 amount from the total but it’s good to see it separately. The meter is in a cupboard under the stairs, so not comfortable to sit messing with it.

I now just need to get the billing issues resolved and a final bill sorted - no invoices coming through now but the amount of credit building up as they continue to take payments (hopefully they will stop taking further monthly amounts as switching supplier). If they continue to keep taking money I’ll get onto my bank to stop it until the final bill is sorted out.

Part of the problem seems to be that they haven’t received/processed the index data (readings) from the old meters that were removed by their smart meter installer, Lowri Beck, weeks later. I do have that information on cards/sticker and noted down. Wish me luck…

Hi @g0akc,

Welcome to Bulb community :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for posting about your issue, I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues viewing one of the rates, that’s rather strange. I did take a look into your account and I can confirm that both meters are sending us daily readings, they will do the same for your new supplier too.

I have also just fixed your billing issue and so you will receive your March statement within the next 48 hours.

The only thing I can’t do is generate your final bill as you literally just switched over, the final bill will be sent automatically within the next 6 weeks (Ofgem supplier standards).

Hope this all helps @g0akc, do let me know if there is anything else I can do for you :grin:

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Hi Trevor - thanks for the update.

  • I am able to see both rates on the electric meter now - so that is now resolved
  • I’ve seen that work was going on regarding the smart meters via the app this morning, presumably that was your activity, so hopefully that’s now sorted out.

That means this matter is now closed - though I would add it was terribly frustrating not being able to get hold of Bulb properly to resolve this hitherto, and to have such a bumpy road with the transition to smart meters which was supposed to mean less hassle each month, not more…

Thanks for your work on it which is appreciated. Regards,

For some reason my new supplier has been using the old non-smart meter serial numbers on my account, despite those meters being taken away and replaced with smart meters 6 weeks before the switch date.

Presumably they received out of date information from MPAS or whoever keeps the master records?

Bulb have the old and new meter serials correct against the MPAN etc.

The new supplier now has a mix of assumed/estimated ‘readings’ from the meters that are no longer here and some that I’ve supplied manually. Thousands of units different. This is with smart meters generating data.

Goodness knows what this means for my final bill from Bulb.

I’ve been on to them, the new supplier, by phone and email several times and it’s still not resolved.

It seems to not be the smart meters themselves but how the suppliers, and MPAS are failing to manage the data properly. Back in the day records of serial numbers in meter replacement would be cast iron, barring the odd human error. How a new supplier can have picked up data for old meters from the MPAN and Gas meter records 6 weeks after a meter swap is beyond me…

I had a faulty smets1(gas) meter replaced in 2019 and for some inexplicable reason the data base is still showing the old one(causes all sorts off billing issues when I change supplier)

Hi @g0akc :wave:

While the meter details are correct on your Bulb Account, there seems to have been an issue with them transferring to your new supplier. They will need to update these MTD’s (meter technical details) and a dispute can be raised to correct the final readings with Bulb and the opening readings with your new supplier.

I can see you’ve been in touch with Renee and Freya via email about this. Could you get back to us there with any further questions? We’d like to make sure this is fully resolved.

Cara :bulb:

Hi Cara

I’ve just replied to you via my email account.

My new supplier are claiming that their information is correct according to the national databases for both electric and gas.

They say if the national database is incorrect (following the meter swaps on 1st March) my previous supplier (Bulb) need to get that updated since they had the meters replaced (by Lowri Beck).

I’ve also read elsewhere that only the current supplier can get it corrected.

This s becoming frustrating. At the end of the day the meters physically on our wall are what counts! I don’t really care who updates it as long as it’s made accurate - right now everyone is blaming everyone else involved.

Please can Bulb help with this and ensure that the update gets done as a matter of urgency.


Hi Tony,

I completely understand your frustration, and am really sorry for the back and forth.

As much as I wish I could, I can’t update ECOES as Bulb are no longer the supplier. Bristol Energy need to raise it as a ‘found meter’ and then we’ll be happy to agree a new reading with them.

I’ll respond to your email so we can continue the conversation and make sure Bristol Energy have all the necessary information.