Smart Meter Issues - Not working after almost a month

Smart Meter connected three weeks ago. Still isn’t working. Have got the message “Waiting for Supply status” on the meter information page, and there are no meter readings available. Connected to internet, have Smart Meter located close to electricity and gas meters. Have reported this twice, being advised that everything will be working in 24 to 48 hours. But no, nothing’s working. Prior to this Smart Meter I had another one for years from my previous energy provider which worked brilliantly. Unfortunately the Siemens engineer took it away with him when he fitted this one! Anybody got any ideas how I can get this to work?

Have same issuee. Smart meter installed 2 days ago but usage stay on same price/usage

That is the IHD not the smart meter, they’re different things.

It sounds like on both these installs the engineer hasn’t connected the device correctly.

Maybe Siemens have a new engineer that is untrained???

Either way you’ll need to call Bulb and ask if they can check if it is commissioned and if not if they can guide you through the steps to connect it.

It’s quite a simple process.

It looks like this is a regular thing. I have only electric showing on my meter.
Looks like we need to move to another supplier as the customer service never respond

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Customer service is never in. Live chat gives you a list to sort it out by your self? All of the categories are no help

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If it’s so simple why do bulb say it requires an engineer visit?

You seem to have inside info, presumably you work for bulb - can you persuade your higher ups to just publish the damned manual and stop this reliance on barely existing support?

Totally agree John. Customer Service is non-existent!
The Siemens Engineer left my IHD not working over a month ago and I’ve been unable to get it resolved.
I’ve been please with Bulb up to now but since swapping to a Smart Meter, I’m regretting moving from my original Supplier.

If it’s anything like my SMETS1 meter, then there are menus on the meter that require a password. I can’t see any options relating to pairing any devices, and I’ve been through all the options to which I have access. Presumably the menu items for commissioning connections is in the services menus. Bulb probably would not want, or maybe aren’t even allowed, to give customers those passwords. Quite possibly they don’t even know the passwords since all the commissioning is supposed to be handled by the meter installers.

I should imagine the procedure is indeed very simple once you have the right authentication.

Hold down both buttons on the meter for a few seconds and you get to the more complex options… it’s not locked down at all (there’s an option for a PIN but it’s not set). There’s also not a whole lot there, rejoin the HAN and some kind of test mode. The gas meter has a somewhat scary ‘vent gas’ option.

Despite the hype it’s just a digital meter… there isn’t a lot that you could configure on it really.

This all depends on the meter. Sounds like the one Bulb are fitting is rather more open, in which case I agree there ought to be potential to avoid an extra engineer visit if someone is sufficiently technically minded and willing to follow instructions. Although how would Bulb confirm if someone is competent? It would take only one outraged non-technical person to go to the media accusing Bulb of asking them to something they consider to be massively complicated for it to be very poor publicity.

Sorry, remiss of me to call it the Smart Meter. It’s the IHD that I’m having problems with. Have followed the Bulb instructions to get it working but to no avail. It’s not an IHD with two buttons, it has only an on/off button on the back of it. The screen is still showing the same information as the day it was fitted. It’s WiFi connected. Has anyone got any ideas how I can get it working - it surely can’t be too complicated!

I had my smart meters installed 5 month ago, and my IHD is still not working. I have sent numerous emails and spoken to several people online,but nothing is being done. Customer service is a shambles…

If the device hasn’t been commissioned then it should be a case of a few button presses while Bulb open the comms hub for pairing.

Once paired the menu option disappears as in theory you wouldn’t need it again.

Had SMETS2 meter for over a month, supposed to be on Economy 7, but only a single rate (Rate 01) shown on the meter. Gas meter not connected to electric meter (No gas led flashing). HAN led flashes, but not the MESH led. IHD doesn’t work, the display hasn’t hanged since the day it was fitted. Bulb never reply to emails. The only emails I get from them is to say they’re taking more money by DD. Submitted numerous IHD not working forms - nothing happens.
A complete and utter shambles!

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My IHD is only showing electric, and it also seems that all my usage is going onto my day tariff, nothing onto the night rate.

My smart meters were fitted 7
months ago and have never worked. The engineer didn’t even leave me a IHD. Numerous calls to customer services requesting one and still waiting.

Our IHD is useless too. When I come down in the morning it says usage is for example 43p. By lunchtime it’s gone to £2.67, then when I get home form work back to £1.62. Which is accurate? I have no faith in it. We often have nothing on the display at all, as it searching for data.
Even better - it can see into the future. In the app it showed a gas meter reading dated the 1st of the month, 4 days before the 1st of the month. I have never have a response to my query about this.