Smart meter issues (smart screen not connecting and estimated readings)


I am having an issue with my smart meters. The display cannot connect to the meters (says connection lost. Also Seems like my electricity mener is not sending data back as I keep having estimated readings.

How can I have it resolved?

If the wan light flashes less than 5 seconds apart it is not connected and will probably need rebooting. Good luck with that!

Hi @ruben

Thank you for posting, welcome to community :wave:t4:

I have taken a look at your account and can see some issues with your electricity meter. I have set this to daily reads, if the smart readings do not come through then I can request for a comms hub reboot.

Please can you contact us after 4 days to let us know if the issue persists.

All the best.

–Suki :hibiscus:

Hi Suki,

The problem still presists unfortunatelly,

Also I cant connect my wireless display to the smart meters (it says lost network). It cant connect to my electricity meter or to my Gas meter.

Can I request for a comms hub reboot so see if resolves the issues?

Thank you