Smart Meter issues... the ongoing saga

I’ve had the meter fitted mid April. It took about 3 weeks to spring into life, showing electric usage only. We had a short power cut on 24.5 after which the meter went back to standby mode and it has, as yet, not restarted. I’ve spoken to bulb CS about it, several times,always instigated by me with no updates from Bulb as to what the issue is. I keep getting platitudes as a response. E.G.

‘‘Once the smart team have fixed the issue for yourself, we’ll shoot you an email with updating you about this. Unfortunately, as they’re working through the IHD issues chronologically, as this is the fairest way, there isn’t much in the way of updates far short of the smart team are moving through getting these reconnected for our members’.

What started out as a great company, from a communication perspective, seems to have lapsed.

Anyone else having the same problem?

Hope you don’t mod me asking have you read the multitude of other threads on this Forum?

lol…I have now.

Hi Goho51, i can only apologise for this delay with your smart meters. If you haven’t already read our recent blog post on smart meters here it is