smart meter issues

hi all, I switched to a smart meter on the 27th Match 2019, on the day the siemens engineer installed everything but told me that the meter wasn’t communicating with the bulb system and he couldn’t install the display. I called bulb a week later and they sent out another siemens engineer, upon arrival he couldn’t complete the fix and install display because bulb still hadn’t set me up on their system. A month went by and I called bulb and was told my meters were communicating but they still hadn’t been setup on their system yet. another month went by and when I called I was told the same thing. So for the past 3 months I haven’t been able to submit manual meter reading as well to bulb as my old meters are still on their system, I don’t have a display fitted yet and I’m relying on estimated readings only. Has anyone else has this issues as well with bulb. I am considering switching supplier and contacting bbc watchdog as well to help other people with similar problems.