Smart meter issues

Hello, and tia

I had the smart meters installed last month, and despite several reboots, it only shows elec data.

When I log in too my account no readings are showing, so I can’t be sure if it’s working, not communicating with etc.

When you press the device to switch form screens it just do stn do anything which I presume it’s not paired or similar with gas


Oh well …

You say you are not sure if it is working. Well I think you can be fairly confident it is not working.

You will likely find that the IHD is the least of your problems when Bulb tell you they cannot read your smart meter in a few months.

Sorry to be negative but smart meters (especially SMETS2) are a shambles at the moment. You are not alone if that helps.

Many many people are getting problems with their new smart meters e.g. this thread

After agreeing to daily readings,my not so smart meters were sending readings to Bulb and showing on my account most days. Since the 15th there are no readings showing so I called the help desk to ask if they were actually receiving readings or was their system faulty.
I may as well have been talking to a brick wall because the answer was “we haven’t received any readings since the 15th”