Smart meter/meter reading

Smart meter installed a few months ago. Worked well but I switched off the in home display because it was driving me crazy, you know I kept checking… anyway I put it away.
On 24th July Bulb let’s me know they are not receiving any readings and they are going to read it daily which is fine with me.
I have been checking my account and I don’t understand how much I am using. There are no gas readings: the last entrance says : 1st March customer reading.
For the electricity : 4th August estimate and it has been estimated since the 4th May, after the smart meter was installed.
NOW should I trust Bulb or should I WORRY because there’s no way I can be sure of Bulb’s readings.
The in home display stopped working and I followed the instructions to reset it, but didn’t work.
So I would like to know if anyone is in this position.
Can anybody give Bulb’s telephone number, please?