Smart Meter Monitor IHD not displaying readings

So basically got a smart meter installed November 2021. From day go the home display monitor not showing reading. I’ve been forward and back with bulb for months with no success.

Keep getting same support from bulb which is getting frustrating turn off turn on and we are restarting things from our side or move the monitor closer. The device is 30cm away from the meter.

How do I resolve this problem or get this reported to someone in bulb that wants to help fix this issue as I’m very disappointed with the support given and being pushed around for weeks months is not a good standard of support?


I’m sorry to say that my smart metre has never worked correctly. My bills instantly became greater and even continued despite being out of the country for three months, leaving an empty house.
It’s now over 5months since the problem was reported. Still no progress. If nothing happens following my most recent contact, I’m just changing supplier.

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Hi @bhudia :wave: Welcome to Community,

I’m sorry you’re still having issues with your In-Home Display (IHD). I can see we sent you the link to try the Bulb account fix. Unfortunately, We’ve found this doesn’t fix the problem for a small number of IHDs. Sometimes that fix does need 2-3 attempts so if you only tried it once then give it another go :crossed_fingers:

We’ve reported these issues to the IHD manufacturer, and we’re working with them to find a solution. Once we’ve found a fix, we’ll be able to remotely update your IHD to get it working perfectly. If you’d like the update to happen automatically, you’ll need to make sure the IHD is connected to Wi-Fi.

If you need help, we have a guide to connecting your IHD to Wi-Fi.

Even though your IHD isn’t showing usage right now, we should still be receiving your smart meter readings in your Bulb account. You can choose how often we receive your smart readings, depending on how much detail you’d like to see in your account. If you’re not sure which would work best for you, we have more information on choosing how often your smart meter takes readings.

You’ll still be able to see your usage online in your Bulb account, or in the Bulb app. This is similar to the IHD and so with these graphs, you’ll get a good idea of daily usage.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this,

– KT :bulb:

Hi I’ve tried endlessly restarting this device and with your link.

I’m coming to a point to leave Bulb as the service is get a simple thing fixed is outrageous as it’s been months.

Biggest frustration is not been given a date time on a fix just an open hanging promise.



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Hi @bhudia

I’m sorry to hear you’ve been disappointed by our service recently.

As Katie mentioned, there are a small number of IHD’s that this fix does not work for, and it unfortunately seems this is the case for yours.

We do not have a time as to when a fix will be available, I’m really sorry about this and understand it is frustrating. If you wanted to open a complaint, please could you send over an email to and one of our complaints team will pick it up.

Ele :sunny:

I have had my smart meter set up for months and it seemed to be working fine. However there are no meter readings showing in my usage anymore - we’re a low income household so we work very hard to manage our bills - I cannot just pay blindly without this info.
please can you advise what can be done

Hi @josephinelowe204 - welcome to community :wave:

I’m sorry you’re unable to keep up with your usage at the moment, I appreciate how necessary it can be.

I can see you’ve since been in touch over email and my colleague has requested a communications hub reboot to help re-establish the connection so you can start seeing your usage again. The reboot will take 2-3 weeks, and as soon as my colleague gets a result she’ll let you know by email.

– Meg :bulb:

Another 9 days gone. Reported to the complaints team again still no joy. fulfilling customers needs seems to be very lower down in Bulbs customer service team it feels like.

Hi @bhudia

I’m really sorry no one from the complaints team has gotten back to you yet, I’ve just been in contact with them to ask for a time frame in which you can expect to hear from them.

E :sunny:

Some kind of comfort in knowing I’m not alone in banging my head against a wall trying to get IHD to work, I guess. Nearly 2 years in now, feel like Bulb support are my pen pal (does that age me? :grimacing:) but no fix works to get IHD to display data. Connects to Wi-Fi fine, will not connect to smart meter. It’s literally sitting next to the meters :confused: