Smart meter/ monitor

Is there anyway of getting a energy monitor or smart meter installed to track our energy usage. We have just moved and switch to bulb and are bill has risen considerably.

Bulb will be rolling out gen2 smart meters from mid 2018.
Is your bill based on estimates or actual readings, all things being equal your bills should not be rising.
One thing you can check on is the kWh used …your Bulb bill V your old supplier, as it is possible your usage has risen during this cold spell.

@Ali85 As @scudo says we will be in mid 2018. If you want to discuss your usage further, please let us know and we can try and see why it might be unusual!

We have moved house as well as changing suppliers which is one of the reason it has changed so I wanted a energy usage monitor like we had with British Gas at the old house and wondered if you did them.

@Ali85, some kind of In Home Display for usage monitoring will be provided with the smart meters supplied by Bulb but so far they have given no information on what the specifics of these will/might be.