Smart Meter my @rse!!

This is anything but smart!! Like others, we have been let down by this so called smart meter - what a joke!! You speak to someone at Bulb and nobody seems to be able to help. Sometimes it gives us a gas easing for the day but mostly it’s waiting for data!! It also tells us we have used £0.69 of gas when we have been away and the boiler hasn’t been on once. All readings it seems now are estimates so our bill is extremely high!! Why haven’t I had a statement since a January? This is totally unacceptable and if you don’t sort your smart meters out soon then we will be leaving Bulb and making sure everyone I know knows what an incompetent company you are. Sort it out please!!

We are only getting gas readings, having trouble getting through to Bulb, not very impressed

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Same here meter installed in feb, only estimated usage since then no statement, meter not working and they won’t accept an e mail of my meter reading to be able to generate a proper bill for me. Dreadful.

Hi there,

We’ve got a new feature in the bulb account where you can fix your in home display or report it to us if that doesn’t work.

You can find the link to log in at

From there you just need to click ‘My IHD isn’t showing energy usage’ and run through the steps

Hi Devin , this feature does not show in my bulb account?