Smart Meter never shown the correct tariff

I had an IHD installed late last year, only the Electric meter was changed to a smart meter, Gas meter change still pending.

Anyway, it’s never shown the right tariff. It was about 20 percent less and although it updated recently to the new April tariff, it’s still 20p instead of around 27p or whatever the new tariff is.

I spoke to Bulb before the tariff change and they did something, but never fixed it.

…help! An IHD is pretty useless unless it’s showing the correct tariffs.

Hey @simon1013 Welcome to the community :wave:

It may be the case that the IHD needs a reboot which can be done by following this link however we are sending updates to IHDs so we will ensure that the new tariff is reflected on your monitor.

Thanks for your patience while this is getting sorted.

–Carl :bulb:

Thanks Carl, I have done that. It’s still showing both a lower than tariff day rate and consumption rate.

It’s done this ever since installed towards the back end of last year. Any idea what’s wrong? Does it get info from the meter rather than via. WiFi in which case is the rate in my meter not updating for some reason?

Is there anything I can check at my end? It’s a bit pointless having a smart meter with the wrong rate in.


Same issue. IHD showing wrong tariff, restarted twice. Anything else I can do to fix it?

Hi @simon1013 @chasT :wave:t4:

Sorry for the inconvenience here, it sounds like your in home display has a firmware fault. If you have checked and processed the reboot then we would need to wait for the manufacturers to send a firmware update which would be in the next few months. Can I just double check to see you are connected to wifi? If not then please follow this link to set this up here.

–Suki :hibiscus:

Hi Suki,

It was not connected to WiFi but it is now.