Smart meter never worked had it 6 months, Fed up! and no response from Bulb

Smart meter has not worked since day one. After several calls to bulb and emails they told me it needed something doing to it and an engineer would do it. Never heard from them since, totally fed up of waiting. sent photos and meter readings as requested which have been ignored. I think this is possibly the worst customer service I have ever received from a company. They obviously just don’t give a monkeys!

I have a similar problem. We had a smart meter installed back in the summer but it’s not sending the data to Bulb so we’re not being sent statements but our direct debit keeps coming out. I have contacted bulb SEVERAL times and not heard anything back. I’m really fed up with the lack of customer service from them. Please someone contact me as I want to sort this out!!!

Me too. I had mine installed in March, took two visits to get them installed then they took the display away with them as they couldn’t get it to connect.
I have chased consistently every month from June to October, and every time have been told it has been escalated to the top of the smart meter team - I spent 40 mins on the phone to them on Wednesday and was told a complaint hadn’t been put on my account so guess that was all nonsense, was then promised an email by the end of the day, surprise surprise have not received that.
Want to leave as it is by far the worst customer experience I have ever had but with not having the IHD I don’t know how this leaves me in terms of getting smart meters from another supplier so I feel am being held hostage.
Don’t know if any bulb staff read this but if you do please at least give me the courtesy of a factual response as to how I stand if I switch away with no IHD so we can end this debacle.

I too have had a smart meter for 6 months and it has never worked, I found out yesterday the problem, thanks to some engineers looking at something else. I have the wrong meter, the records bulb have are wrong they installed the wrong meter, the meter number they have is installed 30 miles away, my meter number is completely different. I have sent them a photo of the meter and the serial number, but I am yet to get a response. I am yet to get a response. I am refusing to send a meter reading until they fix it

Wow, you got a response from them! I can’t even get them to communicate. I want my smart meters gone really but looking at talking to a new supplier to see whether they are prepared to inherit and fix rubbish meters.

Arrange for an ECONOMY 7 meter. Smart meters are a nightmare.

Mine started working for the first time this week! I can see daily usage for gas and electric on the website graph. It’s taken 4 months but they got there in the end!

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