Smart Meter Never Worked

Hi, I had a second generation smart meter installed at the beginning of the year but it has never worked - all it says is ‘Awaiting current data’. Is this a common problem?

Hi, I had a second generation smart meter installed at the beginning of the year but it has never worked - all it says is 'Awaiting current data'. Is this a common problem?

Is this the first time you have visited this Community forum? There are a multitude of posts relating to smart meter issues.

I had smart meters installed (SMETS2) about 6 weeks ago. Total disaster. Load of hassle. The Gas meter is reporting correctly to the In Home Device (IHD). The electricity meter does as it pleases, frequently losing communication. I did this to save hassle : no more meter reading. But after a month I got asked asked to read the meter as usual. Total f*** up. Certainly the communication to the IHD is faulty. Pretty clearly the communication from the electricity meter to the Bulb billing system is faulty, as they are now doing manual updates. ALL IN ALL MY STRONG RECOMMENDATION TO OTHERS IS, DON@T DO IT YET. I thought the problems had been solved with the move from SMETS1 (1st gen) to SMETS2 meters. I thought my life would be easier. Accurate, automatic bills. But no, manual bills. More hassle, not less. And I have NO TRUST whatsoever that they are billing the right amounts for electricity. Blame Bulb a little, but not too much. This is the government’s AWFUL programme for smart meters where they force all providers to charge a levy to us consumers, for badly designed, badly conceived, badly architected wireless meters w3hich don’t work yet. DON’T DO IT. Wait until Bulb says it’s OK. And then wait at least 3 years more. And then start to think about it.

As an update. It’s now 6 months since the Dumb meters were installed. I think Bulb has probably got its systems working now to record the meter readings properly, but there were still hundreds of pounds of manual adjustments on the bill. I still today received an email suggesting I could enter manual readings, probably erroneously. They had, to last week, approximately 4 (winter) months advance payment (ie the whiole winter) and had found it difficult to give any refund. They still recommend I up my monthly payments. It’ll all sort. Sometime.

My new Smart meters were installed 2 days ago. I live in London so I expected the meter connection to work: it has.

The IHD connected with the meters and, once I connected it to my WiFi, the IHD automatically upgraded itself. I know this because I happened to look at it during the upgrade: I expect it to silently and automatically upgrade itself.

I had to enquire when my account will be adjusted with the final old meter readings. That will happen in about a month (they have given me specific dates). My new electricity meter has already updated my online account and the new gas meter will update it in about a month (Bulb have given me a specific date).

I am an IT professional so there was nothing unexpected and I was surveyed beforehand to ensure that the installation would be successful. So far, it has been.