Smart Meter - no electric readings for 6 months

We have been without automatic electricity readings for 6 months, and received an email from Bulb advising that our meter needed changing. 6 months later and, despite requesting a meter change by emails, absolutely nothing has been done. We are pensioners and need to know that our use is within our budget so we are becoming very anxious. Why can’t this be sorted?

Hi @HAiken :wave:

I’m sorry the issue with your electricity meter is still ongoing.

It seems that the metering team haven’t followed up recently because you’ve submitted manual readings. If there was still a firmware fault on your meter then it would mean you wouldn’t be able to read the meter at all, and neither would we, so it would need replacing.

Are you still able to get readings from screen on the electricity meter?

– Meg :bulb:

Thank you for coming back to me Megan. Somewhere along the line the definition of “smart” meter seems to have been lost. We agreed to install this because it would mean that not only would Bulb get automatic readings, but we could keep an eye on our expenditure on our small energy screen in the hall - which is showing the gas we are using but not the electric. To tell me that because we are doing Bulb’s job nothing will be done, I find hard to believe. We are submitting readings to stop over-estimating and keep the account up to date. We were asked to do this while we waited for the “smart” meter to be sorted. Now we find we are back to a basic meter that we had in the first place. I am quite upset over this - not only about this situation, but at the fact that over 6 months absolutely nothing has been done and there has been no contact or information from Bulb despite our enquiries. We are pensioners and are need to know our spending on our electric on the energy screen in the hall (: