Smart meter: No Electric smart readings, only gas

The smart meter technology seems unreliable to say the least. I had an issue early this year when for nearly a month there were no smart readings by bulb and the IHD kept rebooting.
Then everything all suddenly started working again for about 2 months. I did apply the fixes that bulb recommend (resetting IHD and requesting the supplier to reset the link), but these did not coincide with the thing working. I even had Samsung Smart things able to read gas and electric values! Great!
However, two weeks ago the IHD started rebooting again, and no more smart readings.
The fixes don’t seem to make any difference, and after 2 weeks of nothing, things have stabilised and I’m in the situation that the IHD is stable but only displays Gas values, bulb is only getting smart gas readings, and I cannot connect my Samsung to the IHD.
First World problems I know, but if I delivered this kind of random service to my customers, they would rightly be demanding their money back.

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