Smart meter, no gas readings since end of Jan 22’

For the first time since joining Bulb over a year ago, I had a recalculated statement, advised to reduce payments and from around 25th January, I had both meter readings for gas and electric for a couple of days, then no readings at all and now only electric readings and no gas readings. I haven’t touched or changed anything and my meter readings are set to be taken every 30 minutes as recommended. This doesn’t seem right to me and I’m concerned I’m going to be landed with an unexpected higher bill, due to not having accurate meter readings??

Hi @Bambi1983 :wave: Welcome to Community.

You have the first generation of smart meters. We have recently been updating the way we communicate with these meter types. This is to bring them in line with the newer models of smart meters.

While this happened it stopped your smart readings which is why you had an estimated bill and is also why the bill was reissued as we were working on your account.

I can now see the changes have been made and we recently got a smart reading for electricity on the account. This means your next statement should be back to normal with both gas and elec smart reads being used.

Let me know if you had any questions about this,

– KT :bulb:

I think this has happened to me. Can you check? I noticed it first with my electric readings but now my gas readings have disappeared

Hey @leebsey

It looks as though your meters were enrolled on to our upgraded network in January. We are receiving readings from your electric meter, however the latest read from your gas meter was estimated.

This should only be a one off as the connection settles. If we are still estimating your gas reads on your next statement please do get back in touch.

– Robyn :bulb:

Hey Robyn.

It does seem that my gas meter is still not reporting any reads. What can be done about this?