Smart meter no gas usage showing

Just had smart meter fitted , however only showing electric usage , no gas usage . Any ideas please as this makes it not very smart !

If you have a meter with A B and C red buttons on, if you press A the screen will light up and keep pressing it until the usage in m3 appears. It goes off after a few seconds. Ours was fitted late 2018 so it might be the same.

I have a meter with red A and black B buttons . However my smart meter digital display does not show gas

Hi @Davon, we are sorry that your In-Home Display isn’t working properly. I have sent you an email asking for a photo of the display so we can take a look at it.

This isn’t something we can fix straight away, so we’ll need to do an investigation into the connectivity issues you’re experiencing, as we have now recorded a few cases of this happening.

If anyone else has a similar problem, please email with a photo of your display and an explanation of the issue. We would also love to know if the In-Home Display was working for a brief time at the start, or not at all since installation. Our smart team will then be in touch to work out a resolution.

Had my smart meter fit in mid May this year and I also have no gas showing. Tried the re-connect suggestion using A and B on the meter… No joy

*sorry, I didn’t read last comment. I’ll email with picture.

My latest fuel bills are estimated (again) despite having a smart meter for nearly 3 months - WHY?
My smart meter started to work, now it doesn’t show gas usage. I was asked to switch off/on, no joy. Filled in a questionnaire on Bulb website and they said they’d reset it over-night, that didn’t work. Moved smart meter to within 1m of electricity meter and Bulb would reset it over night, that didn’t work - switched off/on again, still no joy.
Honestly, what’s the point of having a smart meter if…
a) it doesn’t work
b) it doesn’t help bulb to collect accurate readings
c) they can’t fix it when it goes wrong.


Yep, same problem here… London based. really happy with Bulb so far and was looking forward after a long wait to get our new meters installed but then got a guy turn up to read meters and said still had to have this done as gas wasn’t being transmitted. Utter pain and waste of time having it installed. We are on a tight budget and to be able to see what we are using was the main interest for the smart meter (not smart!). Clearly there’s been issues dating back before March and still no resolution. Sort it out please Bulb. I’ve referred several customers to you and now they are also sulking!

@Bulb I had a smart meter fitted last month on the 14th of November and now display hasn’t shown showing gas usage for the last 3 days. Any solution to this issue.

If you’re talking about the IHD,my meters were fitted in May and has never displayed gas useage.

@johno mine was displaying Gas on the IHD but just stopped 3 days ago.