Smart meter, no IHD, readings on website ignored, estimate way too high. Anyone else?

Just curious how many are in the same boat as me, following the failed commissioning of their smart meter by Siemens?

Had the meter installed later April, no issues but told it wasn’t commissioned (would “be done remotely by someone within 24 hours”) and no IHD left with us (“it will come in the post”).
A final gas reading was entered (by Siemens?) and a new 0 reading was entered.
Emailed about IHD and was told they are being patched and rolled out nationally soon.
Bulb emailed to say "we can’t read your gas, you’ll have to submit by hand.
Got our regular email to say, “enter your readings”
Entered gas ok and website updated
Entered elec and got told to submit photo. Did that but still got over-estimated bill. Emailed - told the data had been received but couldn’t be entered into their system.

So no IHD, smart gas reader can’t send data to elec meter, smart elec meter can’t send anything to Bulb, and my manual elec readings are ignored. Yay. Been well over a month now and getting rather cheesed off.