Smart Meter - No Rate 2 and not connected to Bulb

Hi there,

I recently had a smart meter installed by an engineer on 30/12/21. I have an economy 7 tariff so my usage is split between night and day usage.

I received an email yesterday saying the smart meter has not been successfully connected to Bulb. Not sure why as it has a WAN connection (flashing every 5 seconds) and strong signal on the display.

The email said I must now send in meter reads myself. That’s fine, although there is no rate 2 when I cycle through the different menus on the meter. I use more electricity at night because I have a immersion heater for water. I don’t want to be charged day rate for this which is what is going to happen.

Can an engineer be arranged to fix this the rate 2 issues and connect my smart meter to Bulb please? The smart aspect of the meter was going to be particularly useful because my meter is in a hard to access area in the block of flats and I have chronic back problems making it very difficult to bend down and read.

Andy :slight_smile:

Hi @NOOTNOOT and welcome to the community :tada:

If you follow the instructions here about How to read your meter you should be able to get up both readings. If you are still unable to, please do send a video of you cycling through the screens to and we can check the meter and give further instructions if necessary.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this.

– Robyn :bulb: