Smart Meter non connection

Hello all.
I had a Smart Meter fitted 3 weeks ago. Before it was fitted I contacted Bulb and told them that we don’t have a mobile signal in our area and was told that if I have been offered a Smart Meter then there was no problem
However IT DOESNT WORK and I have no been told the Bulb are working on it. It may take months to remedy. The engineer knew that it was not connecting and said that it would in a few days and not to worry. I have since been told that the engineer should have needed a mobile signal to make a connection but he did not.
So I seem to have wasted my time firstly by waiting in for half a day for the engineer and then by contacting bulb on 3 occasions to try and remedy the problem.
Not happy.

I had my meters installed over a year ago now and they’ve not worked more than they have. I don’t know if it’s just a bulb issue or and industry issue but they’re a bit rubbish.