Smart Meter not automatically sending Readings

We had our smart meters installed on 10th October. I was under the impression that we would no longer have to submit meter readings as the meters would automatically send them on a daily basis? As well as this, we didn’t get a statement for the end of October as per previous months. Is this a common occurrence & will it rectify itself?

Meters not sending readings is a common problem. My meters were installed in May and only occasional readings reach my account.

If you are used to sending in readings take readings at least once a week so you can keep a track on your usage. I had a smart meter installed by British Gas in 2015 and take weekly meter readings. Occasionally the weekly read is the day I take my reading, Sunday, so I submit that at the same time.

Many of us are having the same problem. I’ve had one statement since the smart meters were fitted in August and this has to be generated manually.

If you contact Bulb (eg through the chat or phone) they will issue a bill for you.

In time, this has to be sorted out by Bulb and hopefully it will be soon.

Thanks for your advice. I’ll try & sort it tomorrow.