Smart Meter not being used for Billing


Hopefully someone can help me out here. Our bills have been estimated for the last few months and it appears I can no longer see the granular energy usage (like per day before) - I’m assuming our smart meter is not sending Bulb data anymore or there is some sort of issue somewhere.

It’s not the end of the world I just like keeping an eye on my energy usage (especially with a hot tub lol - can’t use that much anymore though :frowning: ) + I like knowing my bills are accurate.

Many thanks

Hi Bulb team,

I thought you might have been able to reply within 6 days…

Bit disappointed in all honesty.

Will be looking to move suppliers now as customer service is high on my list of priorities.

Hey @Laurie1989 Welcome to our community :wave:

We are sorry for the delay in reply here. We are not a live service channel here but we apologise for keeping you waiting.

A few months ago a process to upgrade your network began, Currently you are on the first generation smart meter network called SECURE. All energy suppliers will be aiming to get their smart meter customers onto the DCC network (smets2).

This process is important as it would work across all suppliers, you will get better smart updates and the experience will be better for you.

This process can take a few months at least to get updated - we are waiting on the DCC to enroll you. We cannot get this sped up at the moment but we would expect this to be resolved by the summer ideally.

Sorry for the wait here however we will send you an updated statement when we can connect to it.

For now please add readings to the account and we will send accurate bills to ensure you are up to date.

–Carl :bulb: