Smart Meter not commissioned properly


We’re in a frustrating situation with a smart meter that has not been commissioned during installation.

I received an email from bulb offering a smart meter and I booked a smart meter installation on the 9th March for the 15th April. On the 15th April after the alloted time had passed, I was informed that the Siemens engineer would not be able to attend that day. We rescheduled another appointment for the 26th April and an engineer visited and installed the smart meters. I have no doubt that the meters were installed professionally but in the nicest way he did not seem to be very familiar and knowledgeable about the process and it took a long time after his arrival for work to get underway. We were told that it would take 24-48 hours for the in-Home display to start displaying information. The engineer did not undertake the checks that were supposed to happen after installation and so my wife was then left without hot water afterwards which isn’t great with a 3 year old and 10 month old until she found the procedures for resetting the boiler on google and got it back working.

I then contacted bulb on the 8th May as we still had nothing through on the display (still showing “waiting for current data”) and after investigating I was told that the smart meter was not commissioned properly, would require an engineer visit however there was no availability for the engineers and we would have to wait a few weeks to book a slot.

I admit that there are a number of separate issues here which are not all down to one thing but I can’t help but feel a bit let down in this situation.

The main frustration right now is the fact the smart meter has not been commissioned. Does this really require an engineer visit. Are they swapping out the unit or just going through some configuration steps that a reasonably technical and competent person could go through and follow themselves?

Surely that would save engineer time/resources as they are clearly very stretched with the smart meter rollout?


Was wondering if your smart meter is working now as I had one installed on the 17th of July and the engineer left without it working. After many online chats with bulb was told my meter also has not been commissioned and to await some point for another engineer visit.

Sadly not, right now we are focusing our attention on the fact that our electricity meter readings are still being based on the old meter (gas is ok), despite multiple new meter readings with photos. Once we sort that out, we might try and get the smart meter sorted but have lost the will a bit :frowning:

Hi Jimbo3376 It looks like we are both in a similar situation, I had both my gas and electricity meters changed on June 18th and so far the IHD will only show information from the Electricity meter despite numerous resets. The gas meter seems to be working ok but won’t connect to the IHD. I have been submitting both gas and electricity readings manually but Bulb won’t accept the electricity readings as they are lower than the old reading (which it would be, given that it’s a new meter), I have sent photos along with the readings, but they still insist on charging me according to estimated readings based on the old meter. I emailed Bulb regarding this, they emailed back after 2 weeks giving a pile of excuses as to why to the IHD doesn’t work but nothing regarding the estimated readings. I’m very much starting to regret changing my supplier to Bulb at the moment and if this isn’t sorted out soon then I’m off somewhere else

This whole situation seems absolutely crazy and I can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel after nearly 4 months now.

I’m in the same situation. Smart meters installed on 22nd August. Siemans engineer gave the same excuse that the gas meter will start working in 48 hours. 17 days later still no reading on the IHD, more worrying is the fact the new gas meter is showing considerable more gas usage than the old one when my daily usage hasn’t changed. Spoke to Bulb who said the meter hasn’t been commissioned with no time scale to when it will be… Why install devices that are not fit or ready for purpose. Hopefully when it is commissioned it will be calibrated

Well the issue with the gas meter readings was resolved in that Bulb now recognise the new meter for gas and I can supply meter readings but still no word from Bulb about getting my smart meter commissioned properly so that the “Smart” element starts working. Been over 4 months now. :frowning:

Another house here in the same position. Smart meters installed April 29th but not comissioned. I rang up today to find out why I was still having to submit manual readings. The Bulb contact centre have no idea when they will get engineers to complete the work and that there are loads of meters like this. They said my electric meter was still stuck on the old reading their side, so were going to sort that (shame it took a call to prompt). I have no trust in the readings if the meter installation hasn’t been fully completed. No in house device provided (was told it wouldn’t work anyway). All in, with no official communication from Bulb on this I’ve no compelling reason to stay with them if they don’t add any value in convenience/usage monitoring.

My meters were installed in May and are still not working so I have to send in monthly readings. I have found however that the room display unit works quite well as a night light in the hall giving just enough light to see when you make those essential night time visits.So all is not lost.

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Wondering if anyone who like me had their smart meter fitted ~May 19 timescale with apparently incorrectly commissioned electricity meter has yet had a fix?
In my case my account receives occasional smart gas readings, implying the WAN connection is sufficient, but I’ve never had a smart electricity reading showing on my account and have been submitting manual readings for this meter. Almost 8 months have passed - the only improvement I have received was Bulb acknowledging the new meter reading to allow me to submit manually.

For the last 12 months Bulb have emailed me roughly half a dozen times to book an appointment to have a smart meter fitted and until I see 100% positive feedback I’m holding off having one fitted

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I can’t believe what I’m reading!!! Thought this was just me! I haven’t had a working home display until since it was installed last summer. Now I’ve had a bill for nearly £500.00 for gas and electricity unsafe since 1st September 2019. I will looking into changing my supplier today

Not UNSALE - should have said usage

In a similar situation, IHD displays electricity only and says ‘Gas supply disconnected’. It also still says ‘Welcome to EDF Energy’

Bulb customer service is the worst I have ever encountered across the board, with Amazon coming a close second. They still have not responded to my complaint in any way or form from November last year and the few interactions where customer services have responded they have no clue what is going on with the ‘smart’ meters - it’s all been a sad, expensive joke.

I’ve only been with Bulb a few months but am leaving, regardless of the exit fees (we will let Ofgem take a look at that) - I cannot be a victim of this atrocious customer service any longer.

Bye bye Bulb.

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Oh wow, me too! I’m on my 5th or 6th bill saying I used £680 since August!! The other amounts have been £460, £191, £520 etc… Can’t wait to see what I get charged next!! Its a shame as Bulb has been pretty good, just since the smart meter has been installed in Oct it’s gone to sh*t! Avoid getting a smart meter until we are forced to.

Hi All,

I was in similar situation as the original poster in not having fully commission smart meter. In my situation it my electricity meter that wasn’t commissioned correctly and my installation was in June.

I stopped actively pursuing a fix with Bulb after having contacting them on several occasions between June and September with no resolution. It wasn’t until December I thought I’d give it another go and contacted Bulb via the Chat function on the app.

I once again regaled the agent with my woeful tale and again had it confirmed to me the meter had indeed not been properly commissioned. Like other agents, this agent told me that my issue would passed to the relevant team dealing with meters. But unlike other agents, this agent asked me for the meter details, which I provided via a photo (as I was unsure what numbers the agent needed). I was told to wait a few weeks and if after the time had passed and there was still no fix then I should contact Bulb again.

Anyway fast forward to today when I received a revised statement to the December statement. It worth noting that the December Statement was the first statement of any kins since July. The new revised statement detailed an updated estimate of electricity usage based on the lower meter reading from my new electricity smart meter. And for the first time since it’s installation I am now able to submit meter readings because my new meter has been added to my account.

By all mean my saga is not yet over, in that my electricity meter is still not communicating with either the IHD or reflected on syncing to my account, but movement in the right direction has been achieved meaning I am now able to once again submit manual reading for my electricity meter based on actual usage.

Time Line

  • 03 June: Gas & Electricity smart meter installed
  • 03 June - 10 Dec: Gas meter communicating with In-home Display (IHD) but not reflected on account but electricity smart meter not commissioned
  • June - Sept: Actively contacting Bulb to obtain a fix
  • 05 Dec: Contacted Bulb via the chat function and provided my new meter details (MPAN??) via a photo
  • 12 Dec: Gas meter correctly syncing with online account
  • 12 Dec: First statement received since June
  • 05 Jan: Electricity meter commissioned and manually updated
  • 06 Jan: I submitted first electricity meter reading and this is reflected on my account

Essentially we are all experiencing the teething problems (albeit poorly communicated by Bulb ) of an ill conceived and poorly executed implementation strategy that Suppliers have been burdened with to achieve the current governments commitment for Smart Meters in the UK. And although highly frustrating now, the issues will be resolved eventually.

And if all else fails and you have exhausted all avenues with Bulb in respect of resolution / progress then you always have recourse via the Ombudsman.


Agree completely with your assessment of the situation, but in terms of the last part quoted above it’s worth noting that the Ombudsman doesn’t have a “fix all the problems” button. They can’t wave a magic wand and have 6-12 months worth of tested code suddenly appear and be moved into production immediately. So the only real measure of success when going to the Ombudsman is if your desire is for some monetary compensation. It’s not going to actually fix anything, and arguably could just make fixes take even longer while suppliers divert staff attention to handling all the pointless complaints.

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I take on you point. Indeed it does depends on what the issue with Bulb is and whether all options have been exhausted!

For my case and many others there won’t be any need to contact the Ombudsman. My closing gamet was more a reminder that people have a recourse. Indeed it’s quite clear on the website the situation and circumstances for using them.

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This is why I decided to leave bulb a while ago as I had decided that I had waited long enough for them to do something.

Did it help? Was your new supplier any better in getting your meter commissioned?