Smart meter not fitted due to asbestos tile

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Problem I have encountered, had Eon around to fit a smart meter on Bulbs behalf, opened up the meter cupboard in the living room and that’s as far as we got. It seems that the current electricity meter is fixed to an aspestos tile. He took some pictures and made a report. So what happens now? Nothing by the looks of it…

Asbestos is a serious problem. It was a “wonder material” in the mid-20th century and used all over the place as a building material. It was only later that it was discovered how toxic asbestos particles are, and very strict rules about dealing with the stuff were put in place. It’ll be decades before it’s completely eliminated.

Bulb should have a set procedure in place for dealing with this, which ought to be kicked off when they get the meter fitter’s report.

Hi @phc74 :wave:

As @stevefoster mentioned, the asbestos in the meter backboard does cause issues when our engineers visit to exchange the meter. I can see that they have sent through their report confirming this is the case.

As our engineers are not able to remove this themselves, it would be the responsibility of your Distribution Network Operator to get this sorted, who in your case, is UK Power Networks. I have sent them a message to let them know that we have identified asbestos in your meter cupboard, but it would probably be a good idea to give them a ring on 0800 029 4285 so you can arrange a date for them to visit the property and replace the backboard for you.

If they ask that we contact them instead, or if we need to send engineers on the same date, please let me know and I can get that arranged for you.

-Luke :bulb: