Smart Meter not providing readings yet

Good morning, I had a smart meter fitted about a month ago and so far the readings on your website are still showing the old metres and estimated readings. I would like to get my meter readings accurate so I can keep control of my gas and electricity bills! Could you look into my account please and find out what the hold up is!

Hi @taylor6971 Thanks for making us aware of this issue and welcome to Bulb Community.

It looks like we’re missing some of the meter exchange information, which is why your account hasn’t fully updated. I’ve sent you an email with what we need to do to fix this.

I have emailed you the requested pictures this evening! I am keen to get all this sorted so I know that I am getting an accurate bill!

Thanks again
regards Richard

Thanks @taylor6971 I’ll respond to your email as soon as possible, so we can resolve the issue on your account.