Smart meter not recording gas usage

Our smart meter has not recorded any gas usage since Sept 2020, this at the actual meter not the display. We have gas central heating and its a 3 storey 5 bedroom house so we get through some gas. I have advised Bulb but have had no response. We have a big credit balance to cover but it really concerns me that there appears to be no interest or will to resolve.

A number of people have the same problem - mine stopped incrementing in November. Have been told various things including:

  • Ofgem forbids them to fix the meter
  • a firmware update will be installed sometime in the future (but “future” is never a specific date and it did not happen so far).
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Hey @gjg1961,

Unfortunately right now, due to government regulation, we can’t remove any smart meters even if they’re faulty. We’re hoping for an update on this really soon so please keep in touch and we’ll be able to get this sorted! :crossed_fingers:


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I think you’re mistaken.

OFGEM published this last summer:

And that clearly indicates that you are expected to carry out essential maintenance work such as replacing faulty meters. And that you’re supposed to adhere to the 8 week complaints deadline (which it appears you’ve been woefully unable to achieve lately).

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Steve - I made a complaint some weeks ago now after not seeing any progress through other channels. No solution yet, but at least I can escalate to the ombudsman after the statutory time for the complaints process and I would hope they have enough power to compel a solution.



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This seems to be a problem that’s been around since at least May 2019 - check out MoneySavingExpert. Had my meter installed nearly 2 weeks ago and still no gas readings - so early days by comparison🙄. Have complained and got automated response/apology with ‘hope’ to have it fixed by the summer! Seems unlikely given they’ve had almost a year to sort it and it’s still not fixed. No mention of these problems in their promotional material.

Are you referring to COVID-19 regs? If so I don’t believe that is correct. Our boiler is being serviced next week and our service provider works in a COVID safe way. Surely the meter can be swapped out safely as it is outside the house.

Same here. Been told that the firmware needs fixing and that many customers are affected. Bulb has now estimated usage since October and it seems very high to me. They’ve decided to close my complaint. I’ve told them to keep it open. I’m not sure what we can do about it apart from complain to Ofgem. I assume we can’t change supplier when we have a faulty meter.

I’m extremely fed up with Smart Meters as well! :frowning: Got mine installed in 2019 and the Gas has never worked and since last October the Electric hasn’t worked either. I’ve phoned Bulb up several times and all I get is “try this & try that” and nothing works. I wish I never got the damn things installed now! Very angry and frustrated! They are both dumber than dumb now because I can’t even send in manual readings for electric? I’ve been told about this damn firmware update back in 2019 and I’m still waiting? This just isn’t good enough!!

Hey all,

The policy I referred to is not COVID related, but a wider smart meter policy in general. Unfortunately our smart team are still in the process of putting into place a smart meter removal policy for these situations. We are in discussions with our Operations teams and metering third parties to figure out what the best way is to put into place this policy to ensure we are not booking unnecessary exchanges that don’t solve the root issue and cause more problems down the line.

We of course are still on call to replace the meter in urgent and emergency situations - these would include having no supply to the property.

We are hoping for an update really soon, at which point we’ll let you know and can go from there. Your patience is really appreciated.