Smart Meter Not Reporting

Noticed that the electric smart meter is no longer reporting into Bulb account for nearly a month.

Looking at meter display cannot also access readings manually. Looks like it’s stuck reporting a firmware version number ( V38.03.10.02. B2 5530).

IHD also continually resetting.

And after about 9 months being installed still no connection to the gas meter.

If anything these smart meters are making things more difficult. Harder to read for manual reporting. Hardly ever working.

What’s going wrong?

Hi @dkt.welsh,

I’m sorry to hear about your smart meter. This is a recognised firmware error which means we’ll need to replace your electricity meter. I’ll send you an email so that we can arrange this with you as soon as possible.

As for the gas meter, I can take a look into it for you and double check with our smart team if there’s anything we can do to get you connected. - Miriam :bulb:


Realise you guys are probably busy with other things at the moment - but can we arrange a contractor to come out and replace the smart electric meter. Currently still stuck on the firmware version message.

Means I can’t give you manual readings either so don’t even know what my electric usage is.

If organizing for a contractor to arrive please make it a Thursday between Sept and Oct thanks.


Hi @dkt.welsh :wave:

I can see Miriam has confirmed a date for the appointment via email.

Let us know if you have any other questions.

Cara :bulb:

Hi Miriam,
I have the same problem. Can you arrange a fix for me please.

Hi @Bish

Welcome to community :wave:

Sorry to hear about your smart meter.

I’ve just sent you a email so we can arrange a fix.


Eleanor :bulb:

In the process of transferring from Green to Bulb with first DD being taken on 14th October.

Shortly before the demise of Green, they fitted new smart meters for Gas & Electric but never commissioned them. How can I arrange to get them working with Bulb?


Any chance of a reply :slight_smile: Thanks

Hi @Pugliese :wave:

Thanks for your post and welcome back to Bulb.

From what I can see, your electricity meter is commissioned. If you want to make sure it sends us regular readings you can update the reading frequency in your Bulb Account.

Your gas supply is joining us in November, if it isn’t commissioned when it comes over we can put in request with our smart team to link it to the network.

Ele :bulb:

Thanks Cara and Miriam for your help over the few weeks.

Bit annoying that the gas meter won’t connect with the electric smart meter.

But hey ho. Could be worse.


Hi Ele
My problem is that the smart meter will not connect with the in house smart display. I have entered ‘engineering mode’ and it attempts to join the network, but won’t. So basically the display cannot communicate with the smart meter. Picture below


engineering Mode|577x500

@Ele_at_Bulb any chance of a reply? :slight_smile:

Hi @Pugliese

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you!

We should be able to remotely commission the IHD, in that case.

It may be worth waiting till your gas has come over to us, but I will send you an email now with the steps we would take re the IHD.

Did you have any more questions about your IHD or this process ?

Ele :bulb:

Hi @Ele_at_Bulb

I did reply to your e-mail but heard nothing?

Here is a copy of my e-mail sent 26/10:-

Hi Eleanor

Thank you for the reply.

The IHD is black and the GUID is 0C-A2-F4-00-00-5C-05-89.

Re appointment, 9 am any day this week would work.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards



Hi @Pugliese,

Thanks for confirming. I have dropped Ele a note and asked that we get this booked in for you as soon as possible.

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you

– Daisy :bulb:

@Daisy_at_Bulb @Ele_at_Bulb Thanks Daisy

Good luck with that.

We’ve been since February getting Bulb to commission our SMETS2 Gas Meter which was installed by British Gas, and they simply refuse to do it as they do not have the security credentials.

They’ll use this excuse whenever they try to commission a non-Bulb meter. In their attempts of getting the gas meter working - they broke our IHD which refuses to connect now.

Energy Ombudsman are investigating our situation. Bulb also promised us like you that they would be able to commission a SMETS2 meter - this is all fictional to make you stay with them until months go past and they cannot do it.

I’m still waiting on my address update on the gas database since the 30th of September so we can leave this mess and get British Gas to sort it all out.

@Henri_K Thanks for the advice. Forewarned is forearmed. I just question that if they couldn’t commission your SMETS2 meter, why don’t they just instal a ‘bulb’ one? Surely it’s the same as installing a smart meter for the first time?

Yep, that’s what I would like to have happened. The problem is the energy suppliers don’t get paid to install a new smart meter installation over the existing one so it would end up being chargeable. You’ll see there are quite hefty charges to this if you search for meter change on Bulb support site.

The bigger companies have margins to do this at times if you complain but Bulb do not replace the meter unless the meter cannot display any meter readings. Apparently, the smart functionality not working does not mean they can change it over for free - it’s only if the meter readings do not show up or are displaying the same value as it’s frozen.

The worse bit is they even said the BG Trio II IHD they broke (which was working fine on British Gas and even when we moved to Bulb displayed electric only) - that they would be able to replace it for me at chargeable cost. They have broken the electric supply as well from showing up on the IHD in their attempts to commission the meter - in this time I have been using unofficial third-party applications to get my live data.

Our issue stems from this being a new property where the gas supply was installed before there ever was an electric meter. The gas meter stays in a pre-commission dummy mode until someone attempts to commission it - Bulb cannot do it as they don’t have the British Gas security credentials to the meter to pair it. I asked BG and other companies if they can commission other supplier’s meters, so I take it that Bulb do not have the functionality yet to do this and this is what I’ve been told that they’re simply working on adding this, but other customers have been told for this many years. There’s a deadline of June 2025 for all suppliers to get this sorted so it’s going to be a long time until they fix it.

You are better off staying with the supplier who installed your meters and if they have never been commissioned - Bulb will not be able to help you out. I have been tired of this, and you can see that for many months, nothing has been done to resolve it. I even resorted switching back to British Gas to commission it seeing they hold the security credentials and to find out Bulb have messed up our Profile Class from 01 to 00. Then our postcode was wrong on the database, and we’ve waited since 30th September to be told by Xoserve that Bulb have not sent them any address amendment change (it got rejected due to the formatting).

Luckily, I agreed with British Gas to resolve these issues and to pause our switch so they can honour the tariff but waiting over two months now and I’m sure they are just as angry as me and are always asking me every Monday for an update which I cannot give.

Good luck on your commissioning process as I can guarantee it will be like the usual failures on here; search ‘security credentials’ on the Bulb forum.

nvm; your issue is probably different as your electric is already commissioned but your IHD is not working.

Mine is that my electric is commissioned, gas not commissioned - IHD working then stopped working when they failed to upload the Bulb credentials onto gas meter.

Thanks for the extra info. Can you expand on the apps you are using?