Smart Meter Not Reporting

Noticed that the electric smart meter is no longer reporting into Bulb account for nearly a month.

Looking at meter display cannot also access readings manually. Looks like it’s stuck reporting a firmware version number ( V38.03.10.02. B2 5530).

IHD also continually resetting.

And after about 9 months being installed still no connection to the gas meter.

If anything these smart meters are making things more difficult. Harder to read for manual reporting. Hardly ever working.

What’s going wrong?

Hi @dkt.welsh,

I’m sorry to hear about your smart meter. This is a recognised firmware error which means we’ll need to replace your electricity meter. I’ll send you an email so that we can arrange this with you as soon as possible.

As for the gas meter, I can take a look into it for you and double check with our smart team if there’s anything we can do to get you connected. - Miriam :bulb:


Realise you guys are probably busy with other things at the moment - but can we arrange a contractor to come out and replace the smart electric meter. Currently still stuck on the firmware version message.

Means I can’t give you manual readings either so don’t even know what my electric usage is.

If organizing for a contractor to arrive please make it a Thursday between Sept and Oct thanks.


Hi @dkt.welsh :wave:

I can see Miriam has confirmed a date for the appointment via email.

Let us know if you have any other questions.

Cara :bulb:

Hi Miriam,
I have the same problem. Can you arrange a fix for me please.

Hi @Bish

Welcome to community :wave:

Sorry to hear about your smart meter.

I’ve just sent you a email so we can arrange a fix.


Eleanor :bulb:

In the process of transferring from Green to Bulb with first DD being taken on 14th October.

Shortly before the demise of Green, they fitted new smart meters for Gas & Electric but never commissioned them. How can I arrange to get them working with Bulb?


Any chance of a reply :slight_smile: Thanks

Hi @Pugliese :wave:

Thanks for your post and welcome back to Bulb.

From what I can see, your electricity meter is commissioned. If you want to make sure it sends us regular readings you can update the reading frequency in your Bulb Account.

Your gas supply is joining us in November, if it isn’t commissioned when it comes over we can put in request with our smart team to link it to the network.

Ele :bulb: