Smart meter not sending correct readings


I just have a question about my smart meter readings

I have a smart meter installed from before i was with bulb, many years ago. Bulb have now started taking readings from these smart meters a few months ago. However, the electricity value is different to what it is on the meter. For example, the meter reads 21545, and the smart reading is 6151 (not exact numbers but to give an idea).

This is causing some problems. Last month my account showed £750 in credit, as i assume it thought the previous reading (in the 20 thousands was an over estimate or something). Then i sorted this out and was told to just send in readings as i normally would. But again this month there are some smart readings which do not match the number on my actual meter. So i assume the statement will be incorrect again.

And i dont have the option of even sending meter readings on the app any more. There is nowhere to input them anymore.

I wonder if it would be better to just stop taking smart readings and stick to manual readings. Especially now, as the price is going up massively from 1/4/22, i want definitely correct readings on the 31/3/22 so i dont get charged the higher rate for any energy used in march

Can anyone help and let me know what to do.

Hi @Rukaiya :wave:

It sounds like what has happened is that we’ve moved your 1st gen smart meter over to the new smart network. When this happens, the reading the meter sends to us is slightly different to the one we were using before. It will increase by the same amount, so we won’t bill you for more or less, it will just be a different reading that we now need to take.

You should be able to find that reading on your meter, it will normally be labelled as R1 or R01. On your meter, you should be able to press the green A button in order to cycle through those readings. You should see an R1 reading that matches the ones on your account. Please let us know once you’ve had a look, and we’ll get the account corrected to take this into account.

-Luke :bulb:

Can someone please help me. I have had no usage details for gas for around 6 weeks and sporadic electricity usage. My last bill was estimated . Are you still receiving readings from my smart meters ?

Hi Luke

Thanks for explaining, that now makes sense.

I have got my meter reading as of 23.59 on 31/3/22. I have both readings for my electric (the old and the new smart readings)

They are as follows.
Normal reading: 21898.0
Smart reading: 7097.4

Hopefully this will tell you exactly where i am with regards electricity usage, and from now on i will just let the smart meter send its readings.

Thanks for clearing things up for me, and please update/correct my account accordingly.

Hi @Vickee66 :wave:

I have taken a look at your account and can see we had a recent smart electricity reading but the smart gas readings have stopped.

We recently updated the way in which we communicate with your smart meter and this may have stopped the readings for a period of time. The gas reads should start up again over the next couple of months.

Let me know if you have any questions about this.

– KT :bulb: