Smart meter not sending readings, and IHD in reboot loop

Hi, Smart meter doesn’t seem to be sending readings for a while (several days) and the Chameleon IHD is in a reboot loop again :frowning:

I believe this needs kicking from Bulbs end to reset the network (IHD sitting next to meter makes no difference).

Can someone from bulb trigger whatever needs doing please?

Have you been to and followed the instructions which claim it will work in 48 hours.

I doubt it will help (did not for me and it has happened four times this year) but you can say you have tried.

Before I got a smart meter I don’t think I ever contacted my energy providers but now it is a regular headache and the most unreliable thing in my house.

yeah, should have said, tried that. No change :frowning:

Website is showing no readings sent to bulb since 9th Dec

just to update, spoken with Bulb online chat this morning, and they’ve requested a reboot of the comms hub on the meter (sigh).

Will take a few weeks, so I’ll keep fingers crossed for now!

A few weeks to send a reset to a little white box. What a joke!

Reading this, the communication hub is the white box above the electric meter with a row of LEDs on it. This talks (if you live in the south to DCC over the mobile phone network).

Good explanation of how it works on this website

Imagine contacting your broadband provider and them telling you it will work in a few weeks when we reset it…

My one died early morning on the 10th

Interesting that’s the same time mine “died” maybe if they restart them all in batches they also turn off in batches also.