Smart meter not sending readings (gas and electricity)


I had a smart meter fitted several months ago and it appeared to be working as I could see my usage in the app. On October 7th the gas and electricity readings stopped appearing in the app and in my bulb account. My bills show that readings are estimated. Is the meter faulty?


Morning @KenR,

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Sorry to hear you are having issues with your smart meter. I can see as you were saying, that we stopped receiving smart meter readings on the 6.10.21.

I can see that you spoke with my colleague via email yesterday and we have now requested a comms hub reboot.

Please let me know if you have any other q’s

– Daisy :bulb:

Thanks Daisy. I am waiting for the reboot as you say.

I asked your colleague whether the lack of meter readings will affect how much I pay on the EV tariff between 2 and 6AM. Can you please make sure that this question is answered for me?



Hey @KenR,

As we aren’t getting readings we haven’t been able to switch you to our EV tariff, and won’t be able to switch you until we regain connection to your meter. I’m sorry you didn’t get any communication from us about this, as I understand you’ve been under the impression you were being billed on the EV tariff.

I will send you an email to make everything clear. – Miriam

Hello Miriam

I am sure that you will arrange for a refund to compensate me for this.


Hello again

I can see readings in the app now. Does this mean that the EV tariff is now active?