Smart meter not sending readings since last year

Our smart meter stopped sending readings through to you around July/August. Please could you look into this, and check if it needs reactivating/fixing/updating?

Our IHD has been unable to connect to the meter since then too, with the screen reading “Connection lost”. I’ve tried to reset this whilst being <5 meters from the meter and using a help link on the bulb website to reset the connection, but unfortunately nothing has helped.

Please can you look into this?


Hello @bfree2

Unfortunately your smart meter has encountered an error where the communications hub is not connecting with the network. We need the network provider to reboot this.

The request was made today and we should hear back within 3-6 weeks regarding this.


Hi Carl

Thanks very much for this. We’ve still got the same issue, please could you provide an update from your side?


Sounds like the same story here. The Bulb app was giving half-hourly readings for both electricity and gas until 20th March, since when we can only see the gas readings and have had an estimated bill.

To add insult to injury, we got a self-congratulatory email from Bulb on 12th May with the subject “We’re making your smart meter smarter”. You know, the one with zero information in it apart from an animated GIF… So I checked. Nope, still no electricity data.

@Carl_at_Bulb , can you look into this? You’ll need to PM me as my forum email is not the account one…