Smart meter not sending readings Still

My smart meter has stopped sending readings to Bulb. It has a good WiFi signal. It has a good signal to both meters. I can see the smart meter with the app on my phone. My meter readings have been estimated for a few months now. I’ve reset the meter and tried different WiFi networks. How can this be resolved? I have already posted this but feel fobbed off. None of the solutions you posted have worked and you closed the thread. Come in Sort it

Hi @martynsimo1 :wave:

I can see that we requested a comms hub reboot on the 23rd Feb (this is the hub that sits on top of the electricity meter).

This reboot usually helps re-establish the connection. :raised_hands: :crossed_fingers:

If you live in or South of Manchester, the reboot will be complete in 2-3 weeks. If you’re North of Manchester, it will be six weeks.

Your smart meters and IHD should go back to normal after the reboot completes. If you don’t see any improvement after this time, please reply to this email and I’ll check up on the reboot request for you.

So we need to wait a little longer for the outcome, thanks for your patience.


Still no improvement. Still having to send manual meter readings. Still not happy…still you’ll fob me off again. No meter readings sent since October last year. Come on there’s more than a turn it off turn it on again at fault here? Getting bored of this

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So where do we go from here?

Same problem here after over 12 months

Keep emailing Bulb but just getting generic responses.

Not good enough Bulb!!

Still waiting for a solution?

Hi @martynsimo1, I’ve checked on this and unfortunately, we’re still waiting for news of the result of your reboot from DCC. Apologies for the delay, but hopefully we’ll have a result over the next couple of weeks.

@a1terrier, I can see since you’ve posted here you’ve been in touch with my colleague via email so if you check in with them as they’ve requested, they’ll be able to follow up on this for you :+1:

Thanks for reply
This is confusing as it did work at first and then stopped
Is it possible the IHD is faulty as your colleague said for to touch config button on screen but there isn’t one

Hi @a1terrier, if it worked initially, then the IHD will definitely be commissioned. We’re just waiting for the Comms hub reboot to go through with DCC and then we should get your smart usage showing on there again :+1:

Ok thanks but can you give me a timescale for this reboot as this has been going on for months now


Yeah a timescale would be great. It has been going on for months. Seems to be the same sentence over and over again. We get that it needs a reboot but how long does it take to turn it off and turn it on again🤔

Hi @a1terrier and @martynsimo1

Comms hub reboots take 6 weeks to reboot if you’re north of Manchester, or 2-3 weeks if you’re south. During this time, the DCC (the third party who reboot the connection with the smart meters) will be attempting to reestablish the connection and will let us know if it’s successful or not after the time periods mentioned above.

Unfortunately it’s not quite as simple as turning it off and on again but we do understand that this is a long-winded process and we’re happy to answer any questions about this you may have.


So still no readings since 3rd October…?

Hi @martynsimo1,

If after multiple attempts the smart network operators are unable to successfully reboot your meters, this means the issue cannot be fixed immediately unfortunately. We can attempt a reboot again in a few months time as the Smart industry are continuously working on these fixes.

Thank you for your patience during this,

So what do I do now?


" Unfortunately it’s not quite as simple as turning it off and on again but we do understand that this is a long-winded process and we’re happy to answer any questions about this you may have"

This is a lie, Bulb does not answer the questions, such as when my smart meter will be fixed, what are the actual issues, will it keep me updated on progress for fix regularly?
I keep getting fobbed off, by YOU saying it will be fixed some time in the future, no date.

I have asked bulb to update me each month as to where they are at with a fix, YOU BLANKLY REFUSE TO DO THIS. Why?
We as customers need to be KEPT UP TO DATE on progress otherwise NOTHING HAPPENS.

Bulb, SmartDCC and Manufactureres, I suspect are all blaming each other and not actually resolving the issue. We have NO visability as to any progress. The least YOU can do is KEEP US UPDATED.

I have no idea if and how many times you have tried to “reboot” as you say. I have no idea as to the status of the fix for my dumb meters.



My meters have not worked for over a year!

A year ago my meters were working fine in Smart Mode and then some samrt arse decided to update some firmware, so it’s not that they have not worked from Day 1. Surely, this would mean that the fix is relativley straight forward. WHY IS THIS SO DIFFICULT?

I have the same issue. My Gas meter seems OK, but the Electricity meter is not registering on my IHD nor is it sending readings to Bulb. Bulb seems happy to go with “estimates”, which are clearly wrong. I have complained about this in the past. I think my smart meter has not been registered correctly on the smart meter database.
How do I get this sorted out? If Bulb can’t take responsibility for this, and is happy to use Estimated readings, that does not give me any comfort.
I also cannot see my half hourly usage so there is no way for me to take advantage of this knowledge to adjust my energy consumption.
Maybe there is another supplier that can provide this information.

Hi, I have the same problem, my gas smart meter was fitted a few years ago yet has never sent a reading. I have contacted you via chat 3 times and now can never get through as queues are too long. 3 times you have looked at it but its not working. I send actual readings after the statement is raised but you again used the estimate reading to run a corrected bill.
This is frustrating, the idea of a smart meter is I never need to take a reading. Ita not working . Please help. Would love someone to contact me and own this query to the end

Hey @Lindsey79 :wave:

Welcome to Community!

So the good news is we are receiving the readings over from the smart meter, but I can see you’ve also sent us readings through. I’ve queried this with some colleagues as to why it’s not loading into the account properly for you and will get back to you by email when I’ve heard :relaxed:

– H :sunflower:

So now what? Ignore me and the problem and I’ll go away? I want this fixing.