Smart meter not sending readings?

Hiya, my smart meter is not sending readings and I have just had estimated ones the last 2 months . Why is this please . Also my smart meter is not connecting or working at all not showing usage for the past 2 months . Thank you

I have had the same issue. Bulb have been most unhelpful this far. Blaming compatability issues with the installer, Morrisons. Stating that Bulb use Seimens to install and hence won’t do anything about it. However it was Bulb who commissioned Morrisons to do the work. I now have smart meters which don’t provide any of their intended functions and Bulb refuse to do anything about it. Have today started a case with energy ombudsman.

Hiya, my smart meter has stopped sending gas readings since bulb changed some software on the 15th december last year. The app used to be really useful and told you in pounds and pence each day week month and year, what you were spending. I now dont get any figures at all on the app. They are completely useless and dont seem to want to do anything about it

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@Nikki22b I’ve had a look over the account here at the smart reads and it looks like the connection’s dropped between the meters and the smart network. I’ve requested a reboot of the communications hub (the white bit that sits on top of the meter) to try and get this sorted for you.

This can take a few weeks to get resolved, so I’d recommend checking back on your account in a month or so and letting us know if there still aren’t any smart reads.

@Srpullar91 I can see there was a recent meter exchange here, and we’re just waiting for the exchange reads to validate on our system. The gas meter portfolio usually updates with the installing firm and with us every couple of weeks, so I expect the gas smart reads to start showing up shortly.

@Jjaneymcp We’re currently working with the Data Communications Company (DCC) to migrate your first generation meters (SMETS1) onto the new smart network.

Your electricity meter has already moved across, and the gas meter should follow soon. I completely understand the frustration on not seeing the data at the moment, and I apologise for the inconvenience. Once the gas is online again, you’ll be able to see the usage data in your Bulb account.

I hope this has helped, but let us know if there’s anything else you need below :point_down:

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This is in complete contrast to the 2 other versions I have been given by Bulbs customer services team.

I have been told various things, including that the meters are not compatible, and Bulb will not rectify this owing to the meters having been installed by a different provider/installer (e.g. Morrisons, who Bulb appointed to do the work but no longer use).

I currently have a complaint lodged and have opened a case with the energy Ombudsman. I remain very unsatisfied.

Stephen Pullar

Hi ollie
This has been done before I think, but it didn’t resolve the issue. I cant see the electric usage costs either. I get the graphs for electric but no daily. Weekly. Monthly, yearly costs for that either. Anything you can do to help either of these issues would be greatly appreciated as I havent had figures for either since the 15th december when you swapped it over. It worked brilliantly before, its a waste of time at the moment, unfortunately.