Smart meter not showing info

I’ve had my smart meter installed back in May 2019 and it hasn’t shown any information about my daily usage, even after installation. I have spoken to bulb but it’s still not working, they told me to wait 2 weeks it’s almost been a year now. My IHD has updated to zigbee 2.5.0 and it’s GUID 0C-A2-F4-00-00-39-01-17. I have also turned it off and on, removed from WiFi and reinstalled it, just incase it might be the connection but still nothing.
Would greatly appreciate if I could get a message on what my next step should be.

Your next step is to continue to be patient while Bulb try to get everything working. Yes, I know it’s been a year already, but Bulb seem to be having significant difficulty with a lot of installations.

Your other option is to switch supplier. Depending on where the fault is in the system, a supplier that is more advanced in handling smart meters might be able to make it work. If the problem is on the DCC side of the connection then likely switching supplier wont help.