Smart meter not smart9

I moved from British Gas to Bulb but my smart meter has turned dumb, I was told this is a SMET2 meter so can someone activate this please?

It is fairly normal for the meter to go dumb for a little while it is reconfiguring I think, so I’d give it a while. Worst case, the comms hub has stopped working and you will need to contact bulb to request a reset, but I’d wait a while (a week max) first

Thanks for the reply, it’s been a month so hopefully a member of staff can pick this up

Hi @jamesbuchanan66, firstly welcome to Bulb, and also to the Bulb community!

I’ve raised this with my colleague on the Smart team to see what the situation is with this, because it doesn’t look like we’ve had all the information through from British Gas just yet. Once we have, we can see what we can do about this for you :relaxed:

Been over a week lou, can i get an update?

Hi @jamesbuchanan66, thanks for your patience - I’m going to send you an email this afternoon with the findings and next steps :+1: