Smart meter (not so smart!)

There is such a long story here but in a nutshell, I have switched off the mains electric to my property yet the usage page on my on-line account remains very much active, recording several pounds per day…how on earth is that possible. I am beyond angry right now and have only taken to sending this after waiting 26 minutes on the telephone to speak to Susanna (?) who is doing a very good job of being extremely rude and ignoring my current emails. You cannot imagine how bad this makes BULB look right now…beyond incompetent …!!!

I couldn’t agree more, pathetic service

It really is. It’s nothing short of robbery. At least Dick Turpin wore a mask so I knew!!! Am going to contact Rip Off Britain and Watchdog as this behaviour just cannot continue ?!!

They will just spin you a line on the telephone. Pretty much the same as they will do on this forum. Then try and rob you blind while pretending to help

That is exactly what is happening. I held for nearly half an hour convinced this lady was going to come back to me. Such a mug!!!

Same here. The lazy bugger couldn’t even be bothered to email me like she said she would. I’m just glad I don’t fit meters for them any more

I have written into Rip of Britain…ever hopeful!!!

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