Smart meter not submitting gas readings, and no monthly statement since smart install

Since a smart meter was installed the IHD has displayed the electricity and gas usage, but gas readings have not been automatically submitted to Bulb, and to top it off Bulb have stopped generating monthly statements, this is now the second missed statement.

What did Bulb say when you contacted them about the first missed statement?

There appears to be an ongoing problem that when customers have a smart meter installed their statements cease?

I didn’t contact them about the first one, as the help topics, say it can take up to 6 weeks for the smart meter to start fully functioning, and 1 missed statement wasn’t the end of the world.

The app is suggesting that i increase my monthly payments despite the balance getting bigger since the missed statements, so i wonder if they are monitoring the usage, but just reducing the statement frequency?

A meter reading in a month triggers a statement.
Smart meters being installed will automatically stop the estimated readings from being generated, as it’s expected that the smart meter readings will apply to your account so a statement can be generated from that.
But with the smart meters not properly submitting readings yet, and estimates being turned off because you have a smart meter, statements aren’t getting generated.
I had my meter installed in April, and had no statements until around October when I eventually had an issue resolved and I could submit manual readings.

Submit manual readings monthly until the smart meters are working properly, and you should get statements generated again.

Thanks ryan4257 for trying to help understand, unfortunately this is not true in my case , i have been submitting manual gas meter readings on the usual day of the month, and bulb still do not generate a statement.
Bulb are manually adding my meter to my account, using the serial number, so hopefully they will start getting automated readings.