Smart meter not submitting gas readings

My gas smart meter is not submitting readings since it was installed in September. I am frequently losing the gas readings on the in home display unit, having to wake up the gas meter before it then displays on the ihd again.
I haven’t had a statement available September, and my monthly payment has gone up by £50, yet I cannot see why it’s increased.

Hi @Ronniem, welcome to Bulb community first and foremost :wave:

I can see that we haven’t been able to generate you a statement due to an issue with the exchange readings from your smart installation - it’s not a big fix but might take me a little bit of time to fix. I’m going to have a look over this today and the top of next week, and once I’ve got this all fixed, you’ll receive a statement :+1:

Lou :stars:

Ok thanks, I have submitted a manual gas reading today if that is any help.

Hi, I still haven’t had any statement generated since September, is there any progress on this?
Many thanks

Hi @Ronniem,

I have just taken a look into your account on our back-end systems and I saw you had a few issues on the account which I have now corrected.

Apologies for the inconvenience caused, your bills should come through within the next 48 hours :relaxed: