Smart meter not submitting reading since last November & EV tariff

Hi Folks, I notice that my Smart meter has not been connecting and submitting readings since last November. Can this be reset/rebooted remotely? Also, I notice you have an EV tariff which I would like to swap to. Is there any reason I can’t swap once the meter is operating again?

Thanks for your help,


Hi @ArfurM :wave: Welcome to Community

I have taken a look at your account and you have the first generation of smart meters. We have recently started enrolling these onto the same smart network used by the second generation of smart meters. This will bring them up to date with more modern technology when it comes to smart.

During this transition process from old to new your meter has stopped sending us readings. This should start up again in a month or so.

Once we get your smart reads back up and running you should be able to move onto our EV tariff.

If you are still having issues in a couple of months then let us know.

–KT :bulb: