Smart meter not synced to new Bulb account

Hi. I recently joined Bulb. I have a smart meter from my previous supplier but it isn’t providing readings to Bulb. Is it possible to sync the existing meter to my new account?

Hi @Homent, firstly welcome to Bulb community and thanks for posting! :wave:

I’ve taken a look at your account and I can see that you have second generation (SMETS2) smart meters, so we should be able to receive smart meter readings without any issue. Did your previous supplier bill you to your smart meter readings?

Would you be able to change your smart meter reading intervals from monthly to daily or half-hourly on your Bulb account?

This can often fix issues with us being able to receive smart meter readings, because instead of relying on the meter to push us a reading for the billing date, which can have issues, daily and half-hourly reads pull from the meter, which is much more reliable.

Furthermore, we get more information from the meter when it is set to daily/half-hourly, so if there is a reason that the readings aren’t coming through, we can better diagnose these this way.

Hi. It was set to daily already so I’ve changed to half hourly. Yes, my previous supplier did bill using this meter. Any other tips welcome but I guess in the meantime I’ll submit readings the traditional way. Thanks.

Hi @Homent

Just so you’re aware I’ve also raised this with our Smart team to see if there’s anything else we can do to get your meters up and running :running_man:

I’ll follow up with an email when I hear back from them :ear:


Hi there. My smart meter keeps going from zero right up to full red for approx. 30 seconds then back to normal again. Are you doing some sort of test? We are not turning anything on/off that could cause this. Please advise ASAP. Thanks.

Hi @Homent

Good news, looks like this is part of the fix our Smart team has run. I can confirm we’re now connected to the meters and we’ve taken a smart reading.

Are you referring to the little display in your home? This might display a little strangely for a while whilst it reconnects to the meters and reconfigures to our tariff rates.

You can try this fix here, which re-pairs the in-home display (IHD) to the meters. This will only work if it’s a Chameleon brand IHD, but should get it sorted :crossed_fingers:

Hi. Thanks for the reply. The meter is a different brand but it seems to have calmed down today. I’ll keep an eye on it over the next days and get back to you if any ongoing problem. Thanks.

Ah brilliant, glad it seems to be working now @Homent :raised_hands:

But please do keep us posted if the issue starts again.

– Meg :bulb:

I spoke too soon. I turned on one appliance (tumble dryer) and the meter went from zero to half way in the red. I know dryers consume a lot but previously that wouldn’t have made halfway up the green bars. Any help appreciated as it looks like my bills have shot up over the last few days. Thanks.

@Homent when you say your smart meter do you mean the in home display? It’s a bit hard to know what you mean about in the red and green bars so would help to see it. I’ve sent you an email, can you reply to that with a photo what you’re seeing on the IHD? We can go from there :blush:

– H :bulb: