Smart Meter not taking automatic readings

Hello! My Smart meter is not taking automatic readings and only estimates each month. I’m now disabled and cannot now read meter which is high up on wall. Help please! Thank you.

Hi @beckyhaydock and welcome to the community :wave:

It looks like you have a first generation meter which we aren’t able to communicate with. First generation meters were installed prior to us becoming a company so we have never installed them. We are working on enrolling all first generation meters onto our network which will give us the ability to read them.

I’m afraid we don’t have a fixed timeline for this.

I can see that you aren’t registered on our Priority Services Register. Would you be able to add yourself to this list and we can then arrange a quarterly meter reader visit for you to take readings every few months? You can do this here.

– Robyn :bulb:

Reqlly helpful and thank you. I’ve registered now with Priority Services.

Hi my smart meter apparently has never given you an electricity Reading for 3 years you jnstalled it i.e bulb and i no kne has said anything about coming to repair replcae or fix why is that ?

Hi @Mrgbooth :wave:

I am sorry you’ve been having issues with your smart readings. I have updated some details on our system which means the electricity readings should start coming through.

Could you check back on your account after 15/04/22 to see if smart readings have been taken? If you are still having issues then please get back in touch and we can take a further look.

– KT :bulb:

Is that why I’m still having to give readings all this time later ? Gave you another one today as ypu asked for by email so problem still not resolved only been 3 years shouldn’t expect much else …also I notice gas readings not showing in my app can upu confirm there being g read from the smart meter or am I in for a massive bill in 3 years again ??

Just received a bill with readings for electric I gave …can someone now explain why myngas is being estimated after its been smart meter for years ?? And how doni give a reading fir that when the app won’t let me ?

Hi @Mrgbooth

A statement was issued based on an estimated gas read, however this was due to a delay in receiving your smart read. Since then, the statement has been reissued and is now based on accurate reads.

– Robyn :bulb:

Still no t working again had yo give readings as you requested …have been waiting for thi sos called update now a little to long don’t you think ?? 3 years is a bit much to flick a switch