Smart meter not updated on the system

Hi all,

During the summer I had a smart meter installed (just for electricity because for gas was not available for my property yet). Everything good until there, they came in time, did a good job and left…
I kept doing the same automatic payments by direct debit as I still had some credit on, until the day that I decided to check how much I am actually spending a month and realise that their are being estimatives and that the meter on their system are still the old number!
I’ve been in contact with them and been told that I will have to send them some meter reading for a few days, however, when I tried to enter the new readings it shows that “something is wrong because your reading is lower then the last reading” (obviously it is because the Smart meter has just been fitted!!)
I’ve contacted them again and they ask me for pictures… I’ve send it but didnt hear from them since then and again last month was just a estimative even if I did send them the real reading by e-mail as I couldn’t enter online…

Im just wondering if someone know how to deal with this and get it finally updated?
I might just gonna look to another provider… The customer service on Bulb os really poor!