Smart meter not updated

Hello everyone. Has anybodies smart meater changed to the new 1st of my prices? Mines still reading old prices so im not able to keep track on what we and actually using and what its costing .

Yes, just started separate topic before I saw this. April 2 and old tariffs still displaying.

Well, looks like my smart meter is calculating the new balances (unsurprisingly). No difference in actual usage yesterday, but end of day electric balance well over £5, when average for March has been £2.98 a day. Similar with the gas.

I don’t think they have updated the tariff and standing charge amounts on the smart meter, but they certainly have had no issue and wasted no time with showing the eyewatering 54% actual cost increases!!

Hey all, thanks for your posts about the smart meter.

We are sorry there has been confusions with the updates - the IHDs will update with the new tariff information over the next week or so but we will be charging the new rates from the start date on the 1st April – we understand the displays are really important so will aim to get this sorted ASAP

–Carl :bulb:

So in English that means you’ve got no idea how long it will take.