Smart Meter not upto date data costs

My smart meter still shows costs from last year despite being told it will update overnight this has not happened shows my KWH cost at 15.99p and dauly charge 20p I Wish it was still that hence the bill will be double what the meter reading are being sent to bulb feom meter OK but not info from Bulb to Smart Meter. In other words smart meter is of nobuse to me ar all at the moment

Hi @Scott66 :wave:

Thank you for your post

I am presuming you are speaking about your In Home Display ?

If so the latest update from our smart team is that the tariff is still updating, and that this should be updated within the next week automatically.

If this hasn’t happened by this time next week, please fill out this short form , this will trigger a fix that should update the IHD.

But please do let us know if you have any more issues.


Hi My IHD still hasnt updated so if it is possible to force update this that would be great.
It has wifi and is only a meter from the meter with no walls in the way.

Many thanks

Scott Wild

Hi @Scott66 :wave:

That’s frustrating, I’m assuming you’ve filled out the form linked above. Please try this once more, failing that we can raise with Smart and hopefully get this pushed through for you.