Smart meter not working after changeover

I just joined Bulb on the 26th Dec, my smart meter was installed by British Gas just last year so assumed it is a 2nd gen one. After I paid my final bill to BG yesterday my display won’t connect to the meter and it’s not giving any readings on my account now either. I assumed it would just pick it up if it’s 2nd gen, is there anything you can do to get it working again please?

I wouldn’t count on it! Best to take a look at it and find the make and model, and then look up the specs online, or visit one of the websites dedicated to smart meter stuff such as:

There’s an interesting Which? article on them too that was posted around here somewhere in the last day or two.

AIUI, smart meters are “tethered” to the supplier, so BG have to release it before Bulb can adopt it. This process seems to be very similar to the installation commissioning, so things like the IHD stop working in the interim (and hopefully only for the interim!).

Once Bulb pick up the meter, everything should start working again (at least, that’s the theory - but Bulb’s track record with smart meters isn’t brilliant).

Thank you, it came back online this morning so hopefully things should be fine now. Fingers crossed.

Hi @Shell1 - I’m glad to hear your In-Home Display is back online. I believe this delay could be due to the process @stevefoster has outlined above.

SMETS1 meters and their corresponding IHDs may stop working upon switching away from the installing supplier, however I’ve checked your account and it looks like your meters are SMETS2, which means they’re compatible across suppliers. :slightly_smiling_face: