Smart Meter Not Working - always displays the same readings

I have a smart meter - manufacturers name is Chameleon Tech according to the marking on the meter.

It doesn’t work - always shows the same readings, and usage per day. The figures never change. It seems to be frozen and I cannot change the screen.

Anyone have any reset suggestions?

How many of the things have you attempted in the sticky thread titled “What to do if your In-Home-Display (IHD) is not working”? I’m assuming that you did read some of the many threads on here with the same problem before posting your question.

Dunners My IHD has never worked and regularly freezes. Bulb advised me to disconnect the power lead and completely drain the internal battery. When the IHD switches off there will still be some charge left in the battery so you need to keep switching it on until the battery is totally drained,then reconnect the power.

Hi @Dunners ,

Sorry to hear that the In-Home Display isn’t showing all the usage data yet.

There’s a few things you can do. One of which @Johno helpfully mentions:

For us to be able to communicate with your IHD please do the following:

Restart your IHD using the power button on the back
Plug the IHD in within 5 metres of your electricity meter
Leave the IHD plugged in so it has power

Bulb will send some commands to your In-Home Display in the next 48 hours which should trigger your usage to appear.

Please let us know that your IHD is ready to receive these commands by reporting this in your Bulb account using this link -

If your IHD isn’t showing usage within 48 hours of reporting it, feel free to get back to me and we can investigate further.



Ha ha ha! Phrase of the year,48 hours!