Smart meter not working for months


For months I have been emailing, phoning and sending messages. The smart meter is not working. It has been reset weeks ago by Bulb, but there is no change. Is there any other way than changing providers to solve this issue?

It gets confusing if you post the same question on two different threads.

What is confusing about it? In my last thread, more than two months ago I stated the problem and asked if Bulb to sort it out. As emailing and phoning did not help, I had tried that. Now I am asking if they are even capable of sorting it out as it does not seem likely. I am asking if there is any other option than changing providers. I consider these different questions.

Even if you changed supplier it may/may not fix the problem as another provider cannot touch a meter installed by another supplier(unless it is faulty)

It maybe a new question, fair enough, but still the same thread, much easier for us simpletons to follow if its all in one place.
Notice Mel replied to your other post 22/10, did you follow it up?

May/may not is still a better option than not fixing, isn’t it?

Yes, Mel asked me questions, I answered them. Nothing changed on my end. She checked the meter remotely and said that there was a problem with the meter. She reset it and asked me to wait a little as resetting takes time. I waited for two months. Maybe the problem is what you are suggesting, simpletons are dealing with the questions.

Refuse to answer that under the 5th amendment as it may incriminate me
.May/may not is still a better option than not fixing, isn’t it? On the upside you wouldn’t be any worse off

Where did you get that info from that another supplier won’t touch it? Surely a smart meter is faulty if it’s not working?

If a meter was not woking at all it would be faulty.
This is a technical fault in communication,not necessarily a physical fault with the meter itself.

The smart meter has not really been working properly since the summer. I wonder if they even bother fixing it after such a long time? Has Bulb made any effort to fix misbehaving smart meters if it involved more than writing emails?

No, not 100% bulbs fault only 99.9%, Just bulb and the DCC seem completely unable to sing off the same hymn sheet.(can’t even find the same church) This problem probably affects other suppliers, but bulb seem to go the etra mile to exascerbate the problem

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The reason why I wanted a smart meter is to be free from all the hassle. Not working :smiley:

Now you’ve got aggro, raised blood pressure, frustration, to keep it company

Hey @flora.asdf,

I’m sorry you’re still having issues with your in home display! Please can you let me know what it shows on the screen so I’m able to help best?


The latest reset brought back the gas readings. No electricity readings still. Not working since last summer. Any chance an engineer could have a look at it?

The problem is still not sorted. I lodged a formal complaint, it is ignored. Why?

Hi @flora.asdf :wave:

Sorry there are ongoing issues with the electricity readings. I have taken a look at your account and can see my colleague sent an email last week about the complaint.

Could you get back to us there? If you didn’t get this email however, please let me know.

Cara :bulb:

Hi Cara

The email acknowledged that my smart meter does not work and advised me to get in touch with the energy ombudsman. I am not sure what could I answer to that email. It took the person handling the complaint six weeks to reach that conclusion.

The route of a formal complaint did not work, it was dismissed.

Hey @flora.asdf

As Amber mentioned in the email, we have tried all we can at the moment to re-establish the connection with your meters which is why she has outlined that in the email. These reboots can take up between 2-6 weeks to hear back about as the request is sent to the Data Communications Company (DCC) who run the smart network. As this is work with a third party, it can take some time.

Unfortunately, there are a few types of connectivity issues that reboots can’t fix yet even if they are successful, and it seems your meters are having this issue. We are working on fixes, and these will be updated automatically when they’re available, but we need to work with the third party (DCC) and manufacturers to understand these and get the resolutions. I appreciate that’s frustrating to hear- but we are working on it!