Smart Meter not working for over a year now

Been waiting for Bulb to sort it out since October last year, anyone else having the same issue?

Hi @goho51,

Thanks for posting about your issue and I’m really sorry to hear that you’re still having issues with your smart meter still not sending automatic readings.

I see your electricity was working up until July this year, in this case it looks as though both of your meters have fallen off from your home area network.

I have just sent a request off to the DCC to reboot your home’s connection and this should allow us to start receiving regular readings again.

This process can sometimes take 2-4 weeks so if you don’t see any changes by December, do let us know and we can look into why that may be the case.

Me too - my gas meter worked from day 1 (October 2019) but the electric meter has never worked - very frustrating and not so smart