Smart meter not working May 2022

I had a smart meter for a while now for gas & electric since 1 May they have both stopped sending readings!! I like to monitor my gas & electric on the app, but I’m no longer able to.

I’m worried that the smart meters are no longer working. Please can you advise what to do or how to fix this

Thank you

I wouldn’t hold your breath, my electricity smart meter hasn’t worked for around 1.5 years.

I messaged support a number of times and each time they said there would be a push to get it working again.

After a few months of this someone finally told me all the attempts had been a waste of time as there are certain time frames it can be done. After a year of this they finally concluded that the meter was broken and would need replacing. Even though I have had a couple of emails promising they would be in touch to book an appointment it never happened and last time I talked to someone in customer support they said flat out the replacement wouldn’t happen so I’ve just given up and when I can get access to where the meters are I submit a manual reading

Two years here. Sometimes looks like electricity is read by severs but not gas. Anyway the read is about once a month. No way to sincronise monitor with meter. Useless. How can sincronise that when the serial of gas meter, on monitor, is 1234567? The company who put all in place was a crap. ‘wait a week, thay usual get online.’ really… Looks like my old modem of grandma. Uninspired ideea to ask for smart meters. All I gained is an extra push of buttons to simply read the meters.

Hi @Lishmac
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I can see that your smart readings are coming through, do you mean your in home display?

So the IHD is simply there as a guide, and the usage charts on your account aren’t designed to be live and are still in beta mode for the next few months

The only true way to calculate your usage is to take readings from the meter itself. This is how we issue your statement.

–Suki :hibiscus:

Hey @tim.eades Thanks for your post and sorry for the issue with your smart meter. We can see you have had some historical issues with this. I am going to email you over some further steps to get this fixed.

–Carl :bulb: