Smart meter not working now estimates are way out?

Now concerned that the estimates that have been passed onto my account and which I have been debited for are so far out I’m not going to get back. The estimates have surpassed my actual meter readings but I’m still seeing my balance falling? Why are estimates being used when I have a smart meter? Help please. I’ve been on chat a number of times but nothing has changed, been going on since November!

Hi @ACbulb ,

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In regards to your smart meter, it seems we have lost connection and cannot retrieve any readings at this time. Could you send us a manual reading by emailing . Our team are working through the meter submissions and will ensure that they are added in for the date you want them in for.

–Suki :hibiscus:

Only answer is take daily readings and send them everyday on the app, only way as bulb will keep on estimating.